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A greener alternative to MySpace

I've really been enjoying a new web service called Common Circle. It's similar to MySpace without the ethical issues. For one thing, it's not owned by wacky-righty Rupert Murdoch. But there are several other differences as well:

CommonCircle is a place for people from all walks of life, but the common goal we all share is a desire for positive social change and a strong belief in the 10 key values of the Green Movement; being:

1. Grassroots democracy
2. Social justice and equal opportunity
3. Ecological wisdom
4. Non-violence
5. Decentralization
6. Community-based economics and economic justice
7. Feminism and gender equity
8. Respect for diversity
9. Personal and global responsibility
10. Future focus and sustainability

We're a little different to most social networking services that have sprung up in recent times. For starters, the server the site is hosted on and our offices are all powered by 100% renewable energy - a wind and sun mix.

There are no external investors in CommonCircle - we're a true grass roots community steered by our members. We want and crave your input to help make CommonCircle a useful tool for you in your social activities and activist campaigns. Aside from your own profile page, we offer many features:

-Have an opinion or news? Post items on your very own blog
-Organizing an event? Publicize it using the events feature
-Forming or have a group? Our groups feature is just for you.
-Stuff/services for sale or trade? Try our free classifieds
-Looking for conversation? Post to our forums, or use chat
-Pictures to share? The gallery feature is awaiting you
-Wanting opinions? Try the CommonCircle polls
-We also provide guides for using each of the above features.

..and this is only the beginning! Tell us what you want from CommonCircle and we'll try to make it happen!

Whether you're an activist, community group, green business, or just want to connect with people who, like you, share an increased awareness of the state of our world and want to see things change - to make things change; we look forward to providing you with the tools to enhance your experience! Let's redefine the world together; one action at a time!



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